Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not dead - and Christina Phillips' FORBIDDEN blog party!

Listening to:  Will Write for Wine Podcasts
Reading: RWA's LITTLE GEMS Topaz Anthology & Kristan Higgin's ALL I EVER WANTED
Working on:  Paranormal romantic novella

I'm slightly ashamed of the fact that I nearly always have to open my blog posts with some proof of life.

Yes, I'm still breathing!  I haven't been spending my time doing my nails, or polishing the hubcaps on the Kluger, either.  I'm nearly done with the dirty draft for HIS DEADLY ECHO, a prospective Nocturne Bites submission.  And while the end is nigh, I cannot say 'dirty' enough.  It's a bit of a hot mess, but it's definitely getting there.

Otherness, this is winging its was around the blogosphere, and I thought I'd rock the party, too.  I think this is one of my fave covers going around at the mo'... something about him holding her upper arms, and her fingers splayed on her thigh.  Pretty.  Oh, and there is talk of signed book giveaway.

To help celebrate the release of Forbidden, Christina Phillips's debut Roman/Druid Ancient Historical Romance from Berkley Heat, she's holding a launch party with lots of amazing authors and fabulous giveaways! In addition, Christina's giving away a signed copy of Forbidden to one lucky person who helps spread the love. All you have to do is mention the party (you can copy and paste this blurb), being held from 1st to 6th September at You can Tweet about it, blog, Facebook, MySpace or anything! And then drop her an email at ChristinapPh @ gmail dot com (no spaces) to let her know. Please put Forbidden Launch Party (or something similar) in the subject line. The winner will be drawn for that on Monday 6th September.

And if you'd like to also put the trailer up on your sites, please do!!! The YouTube link to embed is here.

I'd love to put the Youtube clip on, but something's hinkey (probably me), so I'll just put this:

And this:

"I dare you to put down Forbidden until you reach the last page. Compelling, passionate and fascinating." Anna Campbell, author of CAPTIVE OF SIN

Nice one, Anna!

Fellow SARA, Eleni Konstantine will be there, as well as a number of totally cool people.

Speaking of Eleni, I've just finished reading the Little Gems Topaz Anthology, which features Eleni's cover design, as well as more SARA's--Bronwyn Stuart and Maggie Mundy.  Hit the link above to order yours, or go to Christina's party, Eleni is giving one away!

Take care, all.  E x

Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting up to speed...

You know how you feel like you've been insanely busy, but have very little to show for it? Welcome to My July.

The biggest, excitingest news from the last few weeks is that one of my lovely CP's, the very talented Anna Hackett has sold another Bites! It's a fabulous wolf story that Rach and I critiqued. The hero is majorly drool-worthy. Huge congrats, Anna! More when it comes to hand...

I've been working on my next potential Bites sub, working titled HIS DEADLY ECHO, for the most part. I did my usual "write four thousand words to start which will ultimately be binned" thing again. Not sure why I don't just write 5k and call it notes, then start the real thing. Nevermind. It seems to work for me. It's at about six K now, and I'm only just at the first kiss. I shall hack and slice at it later.

Had a SARA meeting on the third Wednesday of July, this time we spoke about online presence. It was all quite interesting, especially the bit about buying dot coms. Mmmmm.... To my neverending (for a few moments, anyway) shame, I didn't make my 6k goal for that meeting--only four--but I am well on the way to getting four for the next meeting. In my defence, a rogue Palm Cove holiday presented itself, so I lost a week or two whilst enjoying that.

Lots of SARA ladies are fired up about the RWA Conference. Have a great time!

Been reading. Gobbled up a few Showalters recently. THE PLEASURE SLAVE and THE STONE PRINCE. Not my fave GS, but seriously good, nonetheless.

I've just recently re-discovered podcasts, too. I was listening to one today, whilst pruning my roses (read: spliter torture at home). I think I like them, I had the Harlequin Nocturne one, plus Smart Bitch Sarah and Jane from Dear Author. Do you listen to industry-related podcasts? Any comments/recommendations? Thanks. :)

On a completely personal and possibly slightly self-congratulatory note, I also hit a weightloss goal this week. Not quite half way through that journey. I've rewarded myself with Chamilia bling. Purrrty. :)

Oh, and I got an iPad, from which I am posting. Works well, doesn't it?


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