Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In which I cause mayhem... hanging out at someone else's place and talk to, well...interrogate, myself.  It's pretty edgy.  Don't think those bar boys are ever going to be the same.  I think they thought writers were a quiet, thoughtful bunch.

I'm at fellow Darksider's & SARA's Eleni's Taverna, discussing (with me) about various things important to the universe.  Such as why Horatio Cane is so pasty, even though he lives in Florida.  I'm telling you, it's ballsy journalism at it's best.

You'd best go look at me make a larrakin of myself now, because there's every chance they're going to have me committed after this one.  :)

But until then,  me and mine wish you and yours:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh, to be in an alternate universe right now...

Romance + Sci Fi + Holidays = A GALACTIC HOLIDAY!

I'm donning my pimping pants to yell from the back dock of my space station:


Are you like me?  I love Christmas with adoration bordering on pathological, but sometimes the crazy lead-up blows.  But I HAVE A CURE!

How about an alternate universe?  A few stolen hours getting festive, futuristic and SCHMEXY?

Lose a few blissful hours on A GALACTIC HOLIDAY.

Anna Hackett has teamed up with Stacy Gail and Sasha Summers to bring you her first sci-fi romance, Winter Fusion, in a brand-new anthology from Carina Press.

A Galactic HolidayIt's getting some great reviews:

"If you are a Science Fiction Romance reader A Galactic Holiday is a must read."
"I really enjoyed this collection of novellas and I would recommend it to any fans of romantic sci-fi in the mood for the holidays."

"A Galactic Holiday is a wonderful read for the holiday season. Part romance, part sci-fi, and part just plain fun."

Head over to Anna's blog for your chance to win some intergalactic swag.  I don't know what that is, but it sounds awesome.  

I'd like a lightsaber.  Or maybe Anna's hero in nothing but a wrist-sync and a smile.  


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