Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why is it that the skinny parts of me are not parts people can SEE?

Just got back from my laser surgery eye apppointment thingo watsit.

Apparently, I am good for the surgery (ie my eyes are no longer deteriorating sight-wise), but I have a corneal thickness under the recommended threshhold.

That's what I said. What the??

In essence, I have skinny corneas. Which means they can't do the easy-squeezy, walk-in walk-out, leave and do bungee jumping version of the surgery. I get to do the can't see for four days, can't drive for ages version.

I had a flashback to when I was in hospital, erm ..., during the process that caused my third child, who was in utero, to come out. I vaguely remember a conversation between the midwives that reached my ears in lala land.

"Yes, she's had trouble with the other two as well."
"Oh, I see... Small interior pelvis measurement."


If I had been able to relinquish my death hold on the birthing stool, I would have clobbered one of them. How come I was only just finding this out? With my third child! Who ended up getting stuck and there was shiny equipment rolled in to complete extraction. The child that weighed 9'13".... He looked like a raw meatball by the time he arrived. He's fine now. Really.

Egad, and all on our 8th Wedding Anniversary too.

So. I have some skinny bits. You just can't see them.

Writing front: Not much going on. Kids ill. I've been working. Had a gig to sing at a funeral, which caused my stress levels to hit the stratosphere.

Been to the doctor, boob lump, foot growth, weird facial rash. Got cream, mammogram, scalpeled. Not in that order.

Lit the fire for the first time this week, though. That was lubbly.

Anyhoo, am reading 'Twilight'. In front of the fire. It's calling me.

Next week, (I'm sooo excited) I might have my broadband on... Maybe.

I'll be reviewing the Nocturne Bites first ever collection novel "Midnight Cravings". I promised Michele Hauf. Cool.

Finally, I wanted to give a huge shout out to Anna Hackett, CP wonder woman, who has had her second novella picked up by Silhouette. Yay! Go girl! Her first, 'Savage Dragon', comes out in July....

See you. *Waving hand, which has skinny bones....* :P

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nocturne Bites Pitch Contest Winners have been announced!

and I'm not among them...

I'm actually fine with it - it was a great experience, and a good opportunity to polish my skills.
And now, I have a little longer to play with my ms before I send it off to the NY slush pile...

Huuuge congrats to all of the winners, though. All seven of them (there were 60 entries).

And wow to Ann Leslie Tuttle for being so quick about chosing - must have been a mammoth task...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Didn't think I'd make it...

The last Bite I wrote took me over four months. It's in NY now...

The one I've just 'the end'ed took me a little over three weeks. Got a late start. Egad. Stressfest. But I had a lot of fun writing it.

I sent my pitch in yesterday.

Thanks to Anna for looking over the ms (love her work..), and good luck to everyone who is pitching.

Tired now. Can I go to sleep at two-thirty in the afternoon? Sure I can.

Oh wait, there are small children around who would love to fend for themselves, but probably shouldn't. There was a hair-cutting episode yesterday, that I could have stopped if I hadn't been busy pitching...

We await the finalists who will be announced on April 10th... In the meantime, revisions (and a corrective trip to the hairdresser....)

E x


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