Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hot, like a sunrise...

It was very warm here yesterday.  That 'Oh, jeez, the car seat is toasty.  Hang on, no, the car seat is BURNING' kind of warm that one is glad only happens occasionally.

Here on the outskirts of crackle country (I'm sure y'all local recall Ash Wednesday, which had an anniversary recently.  I do.), we always have one eye on the Country Fire Service app on the ipads when there's a honkingly hot north wind.  Can't discount the possibility of something fiery and terrible happening.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by the thousands of fires experienced here in the driest state in the driest country every year.

Which is why I apologise in advance for this amusing and also titillating image my lovely CP Rach had on facebook recently.  Call it a silver lining. 

May all your gutters be free of leaf litter, your fire pumps working swimmingly and your firemen off-the-shizang built.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The challenge is this...

I challenge you to read Soul Stealer, Anna Hackett's third and final installment of the Anomaly Trilogy and NOT DROOL LIKE HOOCH OVER THE HERO.

Try it if you dare.  ;)

The more courageous of you might also enter Anna's competition to win cool stuff!

The final action-packed novella of The Anomaly Trilogy.

She just wants her life back. After being kidnapped and forced to kill by a vicious crime lord, Cate Hartmann is now a killer with an addiction to stealing souls. On the island sanctuary of Haven, surrounded by other anomalies with secret abilities, she fights to recover. But only one man calms the dark storm inside and makes her believe she can be whole again…Dr. Gage Walker.

Scientist Gage Walker has spent a decade helping anomalies. But every day, he’s haunted by his previous job for the CIA—where he crossed far too many boundaries and hurt so many anomalies. Including his brother. He vows he won’t fail again and will do everything he can to heal Cate—including fighting his attraction to her.

But when the crime lord comes after Cate again, it’s a race against time to find out why he wants her. Amidst the danger, Gage and Cate drawn to each other, even as they fear that one wrong step will send her hurtling back into the depths of her soul stealing addiction.

Soul Stealer - paranormal/sci fi romance
Short Fiction: Novella - 24,000 words

The Anomaly Trilogy
Book 1: Time Thief
Book 2: Mind Raider
Book 3: Soul Stealer

Check these quick reviews:

"The elements of danger, suspense, romance and good vs evil were absolutely brilliantly depicted."
~ Desere - Romance Book Haven

"Rich with emotions, a fully developed plot and storyline and memorable characters, Soul Stealer was a fantastic read as well as a great addition & ending to the trilogy...Get on this series ASAP!"
~ Nina's Literary Xscape

"Read in one sitting, I loved the fast paced, pull no punches action that each page contained. Soul Stealer is full of twists and turns that I didnt see coming. My heart is still racing as I write this!"
~ Tash - Romance Book Haven


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