Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things I love...

I've had one of those days where I spend a lot of time saying, "Gee, I LIKED that!"  Wanna hear what has made me happy today?

Regardless, I'll tell you.  :)

1)  Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series.  Oh, woo.  

I finished reading KISS OF SNOW at 2am just this morning,  which is book ten in the series.  I have definite faves, but I can GUARANTEE I will be reading the whole lot again.  I like the Angel's Consort series.  BUT I LERV the Psy/Changeling lot.  The world-building is awesome, the characterisation is marvellous, the conflicts are real, the heroes are smokin' hot and the heroines are kick-ass.

I spent much time thinking, "How the heck is Ms Singh going to get X out of this one?" and I just adore that!  The first book, SLAVE TO SENSATION is excellent, and I thought it couldn't get much better.  Then I read CARESSED BY ICE, and KISS OF SNOW.  *Happy sigh*

If you like Gena Showalter, JR Ward & Kresley Cole, you're going to love the Psy/Changelings.

Speaking of which, I've just caught up on Gena Showalter's ALIEN HUNTRESS series.  Also, chock-full-of-rocking-awesome.   I'm totally nailing my yearly Goodreads target with these rip-snorters.

Which brings me to...

2)  My Kindle app on the iDevices.
I can read new books (well, as soon as they are available in Australia, thank you very much GEOGRAPHIC RESTRICTIONS!) immediately.  Yay.  Like KISS OF SNOW.  As soon as it comes out.  All kinds of awesome.

3)  Opera for Mac
Opera is a browser, like Safari, but its quicker.  And aside from saving images (I'm discovering as I construct this post), it's better.  Get it at the desktop app store for Mac.

4)  Moourl.  
It's a very cute URL shortener.  Easy and cute.  What more could you ask?

5) Red vegetable curry.
What?  It was lunch.  It had CASHEWS in it.  Nom nom.

6) SARA news - check!  
I did a mammother SARA News  (kudos to me for not throwing stuff when I was NEARLY DONE and something had a shitefit and I LOST THE LOT, requiring me to start AGAIN!  The upside of which is, I now know where the 'save draft' button is).  Go and have a look - new releases, preorders, a flashfic link and my wardrobe suggestions for Contest Queen, Bec Sampson!

7) Twitter love.  
Still feeling valued, even as I sit in my cold, empty (ish, there are some kids here) house.   Even if I only tweet about my cashew-infested lunch of curry.  Or maybe because of.

8) My scales love me.
I hit a weight loss goal this morning.  Or, rather, re-hit.  Nuance.  Whatevs.

9) Tangled, The Movie
SOOO cute!  Not even slightly massively annoying.

10)  My new boots.
They're black, spiked, fabric with a turnover cuff at the ankle.  They have BUTTONS.  They're goth meets steampunk and I heart them.  When I master walking in them, I'll wear them in public.

11) Tonight there will be time...
to WRITE!  I'm way behind on my target for the week (and last!).  Sorry Rach & Anna!  Buut, I'm so UP today, it'll be FINE!

Wishing you much happy!  E x


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