Monday, February 3, 2014

At Star's End! There's very nice man-chest...

It's so Sci-Fi-ey!!  

My gorgeous and completely over-worked critique partner Anna Hackett has a new sci-fi action romance At Star's End (Book 1 of the Phoenix Adventures) coming out with Carina Press March 31st, and here's her cover:

Dr. Eos Rai has spent a lifetime dedicated to her mother’s dream of finding the long-lost Mona Lisa. When Eos uncovers tantalizing evidence of Star’s End—the last known location of the masterpiece—she’s shocked when her employer, the Galactic Institute of Historic Preservation, refuses to back her expedition. Left with no choice, Eos must trust the most notorious treasure hunter in the galaxy, a man she finds infuriating, annoying and far too tempting.
Dathan Phoenix can sniff out relics at a stellar mile. With his brothers by his side, he takes the adventures that suit him and refuses to become a lazy, bitter failure like their father. When the gorgeous Eos Rai comes looking to hire him, he knows she’s trouble, but he’s lured into a hunt that turns into a wild and dangerous adventure. As Eos and Dathan are pushed to their limits, they discover treasure isn’t the only thing they’re drawn to…but how will their desire survive when Dathan demands the Mona Lisa as his payment?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Running rampant in the pink lounge over at SARA...

I found the key under the heart-shaped garden ornament to the stunning SARA mansion, and the awfully gorgeous Carla Caruso and I have been having a marvellous chat and being generally rambunctious in the pink lounge, getting wine stains on the furniture and popcorn crumbs in the shagpile.

So much fun!

The SARA lounge is hard to describe accurately, but it looks a lot like this:

Really, all that is missing are the Channing-Tatum-lookalike-scantily-clad barmen and the champagne fountains.

Head here to join in the shenanigans, and find out why Carla and I are singing Chris De Burgh karaoke.

Happy reading (and wine-drinking!)

Em. X

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm not dead, I've just been reading...

Hello, hello!

Every time I come here, I find myself having to clarify that I'm still alive and kicking.  Mmmm....  One needs to work on one's time management.  Or, stop working.  I know which I'd prefer.

I know which one Sparky would prefer....

It's been a little nuts here, what with Christmas coming, Anarchy slamming his thumb in a door and requiring plastic surgery, Faith going on camp, and getting gastro, and Love turning nine.

Mental, I tells ya!  I'm at peak performance when only one thing at a time is happening in my life.

BUT, I do love Christmas.  The fun, the food, the joy, the wine, the ... balls.
Christmas seemed to come late to Casa Lock this year, so I've been watching this over and over, to get in the swing of things.  So much fabulous.  My data bill is through the wazoo, but totes worth it.

And because I've been buying myself eBooks for Christmas (I know it's not Christmas yet.  Hush yo' mouth), There've been NEW BOOKS!

I've been rounding up our SARA reads at, and here's my offering for that column, x-posted.

Emmeline Lock

I also picked up Rough Diamond, and just finished it last night.  Phew-ee! Somebody say, "Adventurous ROLLER COASTER with GOOD LAUGHS and HOT LERV"?  Couldn't put it down.  Yes, Ms Ledson.  I am a little weary today.  But I don't regret a moment!

I agree, Carla, it's a funny, quippy read that doesn't belabour the relationship between Erica and Jack, even though life throws all kinds of rotten tomatoes their way.   Check out Sandra O'Grady's thoughts on this book here.  

The ending did leave me a bit wanting, until I rationalised the whole "Um, Emmeline, dude, there's another book," thing.  Then, I felt that the ending was very well done, and felt that Jack was some kind of GOD.  Oh, yum.

Looking forward to Monkey Business, the next book.  And not just because I want more Jack.  Well, maybe not only because I want more Jack... 

Speaking of awesome Aussie writers...  Here's a few I've been mowing through like Christmas chocolates...

The Kissing Season - Rachel Johns.

I do love to read Ms Johns, and this 100-page book does nothing to tarnish my girl-crush.  

A gorgeous hero (with an accent!), a feisty heroine, a small-town feel and and Aussie Christmas!  What more could a reader want?!

Rubies and Black Velvet - Denise Rossetti

I'm a big fan of Rossetti's Four-Sided Pentacle series (Loved The Flame and the Shadow!), and this novella, which falls at #1.5,  brings us all the mystique and sultry heat of those books.

Once again, the hero, John, was a work of art.  He was perfect.  Completely sigh-worthy.  

A curse, a delectable hero, a strong heroine, well-woven fantasy and a number of beautifully-done erotic scenes.  Win!  

Originally published in Unlaced in 2008, it stands alone well, and is a well-worth a holiday read.  

Bravo, Ms Rossetti!

Speaking of gorgeous novellas, I've also had a few more crackers that I've taken off of the top of the TBR and devoured...

Starstruck in Seattle - Juliet Madison

An adorable, funny, quick read that left me wanting more Juliet Madison!

Which led me to...

I Dream of Johnny!

I would have bought this for the title and cover alone, but on the back of a surge of Juliet love, this one was awesome.  A very cute, uplifting read.  

Finally, allow me to share with you one final book that I have recently read and loved...

Catch of the Day - Carla Caruso

Isn't that just THE prettiest cover you have seen for eons?  Our summer (ha!) has started off very cold, and made me kinda depressed.  But fear not, one look at this cover and I was cured!  The colours, the water, the floppy hat and the little heart ... isn't it just perfect!?
Now, Ms Caruso is fully aware of my girl-crush on her (I may or may not have done some gushing over CITYGLITTER here.) and it's only marginally embarrassing for us both.   

I would happily wear a lifetime of  weird silences and cleared throats, if I could read gems such as this.  

Set in Kingston SE, this is a wonderful coming-home story (I do love those, especially when high-flying women pack up their stilettos...).  It has a number of my favourite things--a mysterious hero, a heroine who knows what she wants and doesn't dally about decision making, crystal-blue waters, small-town heart ... and crayfish!  Heaven!

Do yourself a favour, hit the beach with this great book.  NOW!

And what is really cool is that every author featured today is AUSTRALIAN!  I KNOW!  Awesome, RIGHT?  

Oi, oi, oi!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you on the flipside!

Em xx

Monday, September 2, 2013

They're here! And I'm too scared to open the cover...

I love, LOVE getting stuff in the mail.  Which could explain my eBay problem.  

That aside, I think I've found something WAAAAYYY better than eBay.  

The book that your story is in arriving in your letterbox!

If sharp, shiny, satisfying romantic reads are your thing (or if you love sapphires), you can order your copy here.

At this point, I'm putting off reading it.  Not sure why.  Maybe I still don't quite believe my story came second.  I'll open it, and EverTrue won't be in there.  My sensible self knows it is, but there is a part of me still pinching my forearm.

Big congrats to everyone who has their story in the anthology, especially my SARA sisters, Harriet and Ute.  ;)

*smiley face*

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weight loss - please stand back, my head might explode.


If you're one of those people who can eat and drink what you like and never gain an ounce, please don't tell me, or I might be forced to stab you with the nearest sharp object.  There's a good chance I'll be in the kitchen eating, so it could be a sloppy pate knife, or it might be a half-consumed bottle of red wine.

I have lost weight in the past.  It was difficult.  Which is why I really don't want to go back to being as big as I was.

I'm really lazy, and can't be bothered going through all that mental malarkey again.

If you are like me, and battle a lot with chocolate-wielding food-demons, please read this article - How To Lose All The Weight You Want in 89 Easy Steps -
and feel immediately better.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Please, try not to drown...


At the risk of making all the Aussies extremo jelly as they battle the throes of winter (especially delightful here down south), I confess that I have recently returned from a tropical holiday with Sparky, the Offspring and Sparky's bestie and his lovely family.

Nigh on two weeks of sun, sand, surf, snorkeling and COCKTAILS!

My liver may currently hate me, but we had an awesome, awesome time.

Sadly, not one book was read.  I had Magic Mike ready to watch on the iPad and did not even manage to hover a finger over the play button.

While these things usually equal pure relaxation for me, I was happy to trade it for warmth, fun and good times with some of our favourite people.  And we SLOWED DOWN.

We found the people of Fiji to be relaxed to the point of being virtually comatose.  I think their easy vibe went a long way to forcing some people (Not mentioning any names.  Emmeline.) to CHILLAX!

In fact, so relaxed was I, that I was only vaguely concerned when we saw this:

On second thoughts, just try not to drown...

Happily, we have returned with all members of the family accounted for, and even with a little dose of Fiji Belly by which to remember our Tropical Holiday fondly.  I am also three containers of hotel shampoo and two bottle openers richer.  Happy days!

Vinaka vakalevu, Fiji!

We have a few more days of school holidays here, so I'm off to find a quiet spot for myself and Magic Mike to get acquainted.  Hopefully the offspring won't notice that I'm hiding from them for at least ninety minutes.  I will by distracted by nothing short of something that requires an ambulance.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Still alive...

Though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, here at Casa Lock, things are just fine.

If a little busy.

While I would like it to be the, "I've written a book, and it's fabulous dahlink" kind of busy, it's not.  It's more the, "Jeebus, it's Monday already?!  Right!  Fess up!  Who stole my weekend?" kind of busy.

The madly-spinning carousel of life.  The one we all get stuck on from time to time.  I appear to have my ass superglued to it, but I am determined to find some kind of solvent and douse the seat of my pants very soon.

Not everyone is busy and therefore non-productive.  Case in point--my lovely CP, Anna Hackett.  She's being a complete and utter darling and giving us a new book.  This one is exciting because it's actually a story about a guy in her Anomaly Trilogy.


Yes!  Leven gets his own SALVATION!

Can't wait!

All right, I have to go and be horribly, awfully domestic.  Please check out the new SARA Blog.  I've been hanging out there a bit these days, they have wine in bottles, and glasses with stems.


Until next time,

Em.  xx


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