Sunday, November 18, 2012

I do love me some new marvellous Aussie authors...

This recent discovery has made me very happy indeed.

I've enjoyed a number of steampunk romances lately.  I like them (if you've got a good romance, you've got me), but sometimes, the dirigibles and mechanical animals can feel a little heavy-handed.  Maybe its the science teacher in me, but I sometimes find myself drifting from the story to wrap my brain around how something works.  Oh no!

Not so with Bec McMaster's KISS OF STEEL (Sourcebooks).  It was cleverly done, a gorgeous blend of alternate old London, a seamless romance, well-drawn characters and a fabulous blend of steampunk/paranormal world building.


Sigh.  And how cute is that top hat?

Am eagerly awaiting HEART OF IRON, which is the next book.  Incidentally, #IAlsoHeartWill, maybe more so, so I am dying to read his story.

My word, the Aussies are really stepping up to the romance-writing plate!


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