Monday, April 8, 2013

It was never gonna happen...

1)  Clean out the fridge (What IS that smell?).
2)  Sew the taupe pillow case back together (Don't ask).
3)  Force/cajole/bribe the offpspring into cleaning their bedrooms so I can find a bit of carpet in there to to vacuum.
4)  About a gazillion other things too mundane to actually mention (Bonus - condensing items four through four thousand of my to-do-list makes me feel much better).

Yes, this is the list of the things I DIDN'T do this weekend.  It's quite long, and now, about fourteen hours after the weekend has concluded, these items are, sadly, still not done.

I'm blaming RL Naquin, a lady whom I am sure is quite lovely, and whom I have also never met.

But I've MET HER BOOKS.  I am enamoured with them.  I read book one, then had to go straight out and epurchase books two.  I'm bereft as I have to wait until later in the year for book three.  I have been looking for lighter/humourous urban fantasy/paranormal and I SO FOUND THEM.

Monster in My Closet and Pooka in My Pantry from Carina Press involve Zoey, a fashion-challenged wedding planner who wakes one morning to find the closet monster she'd told her five-year-old herself didn't exist making muffins in her kitchen.  Throw in a VW, a Leprechaun Mafia, a smoking-hot paramedic reaper, and an incubus that, in my head, looks like badly-dressed Captain Jack Sparrow, and you've got yourself a weekend full of nuthin' but fun.

It's a rollocking ride of great humour, fabulous world-building and wonderful characters.

I have totally forgiven Ms Naquin (whose name is Rachel) for flattening my weekend.  How could I not?  I just hope I have that pillow case fixed by the time book three comes out.  Second thoughts, I'm cancelling that weekend in my diary right now.


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