Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recently, I was tagged by Neoindra. Rules are: Link to the person who tagged you; write down six things that make you happy; post the rules; tag six others and let them know you’ve done it; tell the person who tagged you when your entry is up.

Like Neo, I don't usually do this kind of thing either. Hubba Hubby says I spend most waking hours on the PC anyhoo. (This is an exaggeration - I don't eat over the computer...). But this is a lovely idea. I did 25 things about myself on FB and I enjoyed it (talking about myself - lol). So, fasten your safety devices - here I go! (In order of thinkedness, not importance).

1. Listening to babies giggle uncontrollably makes me happy. The Feisty Fairy (dd2) didn't giggle anywhere near enough, as she was a sick baby, so I love to hear it. Pink Party Pants (dd1) and Fred (ds) did. Fred especially. He is a joy. And a crack-up.

2. I love hot nights by the beach. There is something very calming and spiritual about a still night and waves lapping. This is why the family beach house rocks. I like it when it's still enough that the lights from the houses on the marina make pretty lines in the water.

3. Hubby is the strong, silent type. We've been together for nearly 14 years, and we've still got it. I love how sometimes we giggle over private jokes that have meaning for just the two of us. I love to make him laugh and I love when he makes me laugh. Nice.

4. I love coke icecream spiders. Big, frothy and cold. This was always Dad's hot weather rescue remedy. I still make them...

5. Big bowls full of fragrant, blowsy roses. I love me an Austin.

6. A must-read-it-in-one-sitting book. Especially a good paranormal/fantasy/romance. I always feel bad if I've still got the light on at 4am, but it feels excellent to have finished and conquered the perfect book. And since the perfect book for me is always changing, there' a lifetime of them left to find.

I don't know six bloggers - bit new to this, so I might pass it on to FB and see if I can get a few takers there...

So look out Jayne, Lou, Ngarie, Kirsten, Lauren, Rhia, and of course, Neo...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Quite happy with being flayed alive...

I got my ms back last night from Anna (Anna Hackett - new Author for Nocturne Bites - coming out soon...). Thanks Anna!

I thought it was pretty tight, and I was sending it to her to just polish a bit - check it would be okay for subbing to Bites.

Lordy me, it sucks!

Before anyone jumps up and says, "Keep at it, Tiger!", I agree wholeheartedly with Anna. There were repeated bits in there that I should have culled out aaaeeeges ago. Am a bit shirty at myself that I didn't find them and save her some work, but I have some difficulty getting distance from my work. It's happened before...

I am actually very happy with her wielding the whip. She put a while new light on my ms. I am jibbering with excitment as I start going through and making changes.

One of the things she said is that I use ! too much. What?! Really!

I talk like that, too!

I've said it before at eHarl, I love my CP's. They do fabulous work.

So, for Anna, Rach and Neo, kisses all round.

Egad - what a drama!

I am not really a technophobe. The last time I tried to do stuff on the computer, I was actually pretty good at it. But now, I'm finding I'm a bit of a granny. *tugs on hem of duck-egg blue cardi, and adjusts hornrims*
I haven't changed. Curse the advance of technology. Just when I had it down, someone goes and changes stuff on me. Although, without it... Eeek.

I have some homework to do...
If this post ever makes it onto the blog I've set up, I'll girly scream with happiness.


I love some other people's stuff, and if I use your stuff, I try to tell everyone that it's not my stuff - it's someone else's stuff. But, if I have used some of your copyrighted stuff here and you would like me to remove your stuff, let me know.... It's all for non-commerical use...