Emmeline writes irreverent sci-fi and fantasy romance and reads everything romantic. She's a member of SARA, where she holds the coveted title of 'Reading Adventurist' (Yes, she made that word up) and the RWA, plus Dark Side DownUnder.

A born and bred Adelaide Hills-ite, she dragged her prospective husband to her hometown years ago, and they live there now on a small farm with their three mostly angelic but capricious offspring.

When she's not herding small children into classrooms or indulging her passion for singing eighties music and dancing in her socks,  Emmeline can be found engaged with some kind of electronic contraption, likely beginning with an i, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen and leaving the mess for someone else.  She likes red wine, white Lindt, and has learned never to mix those two colours when it comes to washing clothes.  It took a few years and a phenomenal number of now-pink sports socks, but she has learned.

Currently, she's working on a story in the same world as EverTrue, her RWA Little Gems 2013 finalist, and short sci-fi romances featuring female assassins with deceptively pretty names and twitchy ass-kicking boots.

Liberating Clemency, the first of the above-mentioned killer shorts, will be published in Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly in June 2014.


I love some other people's stuff, and if I use your stuff, I try to tell everyone that it's not my stuff - it's someone else's stuff. But, if I have used some of your copyrighted stuff here and you would like me to remove your stuff, let me know.... It's all for non-commerical use...