Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August already, what the?!

Hi lovely people!

Once again, I find myself telling the world I haven't perished!  Dreadful.

BUUUUUUT, I have been busy!

Not only have I been working the day job, carting the offspring around (not the band, the children) and generally having a good 'ole time with Mr Sparky Lock, but I have been writing!

I've subbed two stories in the last ten days, and my excitement knows no bounds!

(That's a lot of !'s I note.  That's how pumped I am.  !)

So, Serendipity (Virtue Alliance) is off, as is a really shorty one about an urban mythical-creature hunter.  Wahooo!

Next comes one called Break at the Bend, a mystery rom com with rocky beaches, a hot Shakespeare-touting man and an elderly aunt with a concerning internet habit.

Two more Virtue Alliance stories are knocking at my brain, so I'd better let them loose soon, too.

The gorgeous and very hard-working Anna Hackett has been going GANGBUSTERS!  Head over to her blog to see the awesome things she's been up to.  It's quite amazing!

Big smooches to you all,

Em xx


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