Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It really is concerning how often I need to tell the internet I'm still alive and kicking.

Hello, lovely people!

Long time no see!  Sorry about that.

I could tell you all about it, but it would be dreadfully boring.  I would like to sum up the past year in a haiku:

Kids have to play sport
Tall pile of dirty washing
Em is distracted.

I do hope you enjoyed that.  It took a lot of tapping syllables out on my fingers, but I feel like I got there.

So, what's been going on with you?  Loads of cool stuff, I imagine?

Some of my news isn't really mine, sadly, but happily for my CP, Anna Hackett, it's great news!  Anna's been kicking sci-fi action romance butt and taking sci-fi action romance names.  She's recently become a NY TIMES BESTSELLER and won a PRISM Award.

I am in awe.

If you go to her blog, you'll learn all about her epic awesomeness, not to mention find out how to get a few of her book FOR GODDAMNED FREE!

And the best things in life are free, people.

I've been getting back into my writing.  To keep myself ignoring the washing pile, I made a widget (It's on the right.  It's red.  You can't miss it).

I've been working on another Virtue Alliance story (Liberating Clemency was published in the very marvellous Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Magazine.  Find it here).  This one belongs to Seren, also known as Serendipity.

It's taken a little while, as I had a few K down, and then changed the setting after a Twitter discussion with Anna and the very clever Lindsay Buroker, after which I changed my mind about my setting.  Oopsy daisy.   Serves Emmeline right for not planning her schizz a little better.  But, I'm very happy with the new vibe, so that's noice.

I had been reading some (well, ALL) of Lindsay's books (including her pen name Ruby Lionsdrake), and I was GOBSMACKED and FLABBERGASTED to find that Anna and Lindsay had conducted a fabulous podcast chat about SFF Marketing.  It was stellar, and I've also enjoyed many more podcasts from Lindsay and her friends and guests since.  I get it on my iPhone, but you can totes watch it on 'Tube.

I can feel by the increasing tempo of my heart beat and a impending sense of dread that it is nearly... time to pick the OFFSPRING up from school (I love them dearly, I really do), so I shall leave you with one thing.

This is Hew, who is going to be Seren's squeeze if he'd just chill out a bit.

I found him here.

Until next time, happy reading and writing and kid-wrangling and cooking and clothes washing.

Emmeline.  xx


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