Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PRK Eye Surgery - if you are a bit squeamish, or are just in it for the reviews, now would be be a good time to discover your toothbrush needs polish.

I had a MASSIVE post here - and the boy hit the delete key, when I had all selected. Then it autosaved a blank page. Crap. Now I'm too shitty to repost that which took me 90 minutes for me and my fuzzy eyes to write. Errrgh.

Lesson learned....


I've thought about it all day, and I've decided to give you the highlights in key words and phrases. Really, this could be an improvement. PRK Eye surgery has the capacity to be fairly revolting. So here goes:

- E forgot the drop-in-eye-for-the-week-beforehand eyedrops. Oopsie.
- Nice leather recliners in recovery room. Put these on personal shopping list. But not in white. What were they thinking? Don't they have children??
- More drugs in small bag. Five sleeping tablets. How much pain would I srsly need to endure?
- Everyone smiles in the surgery. Not much use, because they took glasses away and I haven't seen anything clearly since.
- Numbing eyedrops. Feels weird.
- Drugs, eyedrop form.
- Large machine I can't see because of lack of glasses. Could have been a wizard with a wand for all I knew.
- Doc says look at green light. I panic because green light has disappeared. I CAN'T SEE THE GREEN LIGHT!
- Eye speculum. Ewww. But comforting, because it makes blinking about as possible as walking on ceiling.
- Laser. Smells less like burning hair than I anticipated. More like burning human eyeball, I'd say.
- Green light has reappeared. Doc had his hand in front of it. Tool.
- Red laser light, green light, white light, repeated noise. Like a disco for your captive, immobile eyeball. Complete with drugs.
- Scraping off front of eyeball. Nicer than it sounds, due to drugs.
- Healing disc on eyeball. Repeat left eye.
- Back in gorgeous leather chairs. Will they notice if I pop one in my handbag?
- Ask where hubby is. Taking advantage of free biscuits, apparently. Will be in later.
- You paid how much? Biscuits looking less like freebie at this point...
- Take hubby to see doc post-op, in order to get drug regime into more heads. I just know I'll stuff it up.
- Blur.
- Fuzz.
- Weeping.
- Drugs.
- Hamilton's CERULEAN SINS on iPhone. Excellent. Will have to review when I can see keys better.
- Someone is pouring 98% salt saline into my eyes. No? Well, it feels like it.
- Can't keep eyes open, even though I want to.
- Sleep more than body likes.
- General discomfort.
- See doc next morning, all in order. Eyeball has not expoded or fallen out overnight. Cool.
- Hubby: He DID say it would get worse before it got better.
- Smack hubby.
- Hubby goes back to day job.
- Day 6 - still fuzzy, but healing lenses out now, so less prickly.
- Notice with improving vision that shower needs cleaning. Darn. Why'd I have to notice that first?
- Sleeping tablets still safe in little package. Yay, me!

See? You didn't need the full version anyhow.

I was hoping to go to SARA (South Australian Romance Authors) meeting tonight, but the double vision would make my driving even more suspect. And really, I just don't have the points to spare.

Hope everyone in DC is having a hoot!

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