Friday, September 25, 2009

The big R...

On March 9th this year, I submitted my first ever Nocturne Bites ms. Then, the average wait for a Bites was 3 months.

At some point, the wait time increased to 6-8 months. Ooops.

I might have been one of the lucky ones, but I heard back after six and a half months.

It was a big R. Phooey.

But, now I know.

I have another that is with one of my gorgeous CP's - Rach - and I think it's nearly ready to go, well, unless Rach flays it. Then I will work on it some more, and send that baby on to NY.

The rejected one, I will re-write a little. Anna (Anna Hackett, the other of my gorgeous CP's) wondered if I could give it a bit more snazz. I think I can - I would certainly like to - make it a bit more me-ish... Then I ship it off to another epub. Got one lined up.

The best thing about this R was the support that I've received from Anna & Rach, the girls on the boards at eHQ, and my Twitterati buddies. You all are the rockingest. It's a beautiful thing. Kisses all round!

I know I'm getting some eagerly- awaited CP stuff to read soon, so I'd better get crackin'! To be honest, this current WIP was doing my head in a bit, so I'm glad for the distraction.

Take care, E x

PS - I read me some Gena Showalter and Alyssa Day recently. Yay! Will review soon...


  1. Hi :)
    Thanks for sharing Emily.
    Glad you have such great Critique Partners.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    All the best,

  2. Love the way you dusted yourself off and looking to the future E. Good luck!!

  3. Emily, your attitude rocks! Revamp that story (and give it your special brand of snazz) and send it out again. And get the next one off to NY once Rach is finished with it.
    Rs are a part of the business of being a writer and it's what you do after them that counts!

  4. Hi RK, thanks for stopping by - hey, I love Calvin and Hobbes...

  5. Thanks Eleni, the support coming from all angles helps no end... Got to go check out your blog for the Elenifest!

  6. Too right Anna - I think you've nailed it - it what you do after...


  7. Hope you have fun at Eleni-fest - only a few more days until launch!!



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