Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Darksiders cometh!

A group of RWA and RWANZ speculative fiction authors have banded together and their arrival is nigh! These talented writers pen a vast array of stories--paranormal, sci-fi, urban fantasy, fantasy, romantic or with romantic elements.


And we're storming the blogosphere this Halloween!

Prepare for the following to pop into your PC:

Jess Anastasi

Maree Anderson

Keri Arthur

Kitty Bucholtz

Astrid Cooper

Rowena Cory Daniells

Michelle de Rooy

Jessica Dorney

Fiona Gregory

Kylie Griffin

Erica Hayes

Shona Husk

Shannah Jay

Loretta Kelly

Eleni Konstantine

Emmeline Lock

Nicole R Murphy

Janni Nell

Tracey O'Hara

Christina Phillips

Denise Rossetti

Jenny Schwartz

Nicola E. Sheridan

Nicky Strickland

Mel Teshco

Joanne Vogel

As THIS SUNDAY--Halloween, people!-- is our launch date, ready yourselves for the virtual onslaught of fiction gore, ghosts, blood, vamps, aliens, spaceships, corpses and, oh yes...


Many thanks to Eleni and Keri for readying the DARKSIDERS TO GO!

Until then, mwahahahaha!


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