Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm a convert...

I never thought I'd say this...but I love reading eBooks.  I love it more than READING BOOKS MADE OF ACTUAL PAPER.

Shocking, isn't it?  Five years ago, I would not have believed me, had I told myself that.  (This conversing with myself happens often, and more loudly than is strictly sane.).  I love print books, always have, and have at least four bookshelves that are testament to this fact.

I'll tell you why I've come out and announced my converted state.

It's because I'm a disciple of the school of instant gratification.

I like to have things as soon as I decide I want them.  I'm immature like that.

I'll give you an example.  I have wanted to read JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series for some time.  But I wanted to start at the beginning, with the first of (so far) nine books.  But, I couldn't get book one in my local library, couldn't get it at bookstores because it's older, could have bought it off Amazon or eBay, but that would have been a) exxy, and b) exxy.  Mainly because I would have had to pay for shipping and the cost of the subsequent eight books.

Previously to March this year, the BDB series was unavailable here in Oz due to those pesky geographic restrictions.

But then, they were free and I bought book one as soon as I found it.  Book one was subsequently devoured and I bought the remaining eight books, plus the novella that falls at 6.5.

I went from having no BDB to having ALL OF THEM.  It was awesome.

So, here's what I think about eBook vs print book:

Ebook Pros:
1)  I can get most of them immediately.  I use a Kindle app and Fictionwise via Stanza.
2)  I can get SAMPLES.  I like samples.  Samples give me joy.
3)  I get some books free, if I'm lucky.  Best one so far:  Elizabeth Naughton.
4)  Amazon tells me if I've bought a certain book already
5)  EBooks take up waaay less space.
6)  I can take hundreds of eBooks with me, wherever I go.  My current book is always on my phone.
7)  My devices are back lit, so I can read in the dark, and not disturb Sparky, my husband.
8)  My books are ALWAYS in top nick.  No dog ears or rips.  Although coffee stains could be terminal.
9)  I can get books as soon as they are available in Australia.  Like THE MINUTE THEY ARE THERE.
10)  I can move onto book two in a series in the time it takes to make a coffee.
11)  eBooks are never out of print, and they are aways available.  Digitised backlists rock!
12)  I can use a dictionary, notation and highlight tools, and a virtual bookmark.  I hate real book marks.  I'm a page bender.
13)  I can make wishlists on Amazon.  BIG wishlists.
14)  In some libraries, you can now download eBooks (and audiobooks) to borrow.  That's fabulous.
15)  Some authors only publish in eBook.   I've got access to all this.
16)  I can share my books around my other devices, and they sync up.  I'm always on my most recent page.

1) Geographic restrictions.  This is a biggie.
2)  The whole device/water issue
3)  It doesn't smell like a book.  Really, is that even a con?
4)  The possibility of file loss if you don't back up. But really, BACK UP!
5)  You can't stand on a pile of eBooks to reach the food colouring on the top shelf of the pantry.
6)  If you fall asleep while reading, you may drop your device on your head.  Which could result in a bruise.  But dropping a book could result in nasty paper cuts, so it's fifty-fifty.

Ergo, I love eBooks.  What do you think?

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