Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello, 2012! A is for amphibious...

Welcome to my first blog post for said year!

Lordy, 2012 ALREADY?! Say it isn't so. I haven't finished half the stuff I was going to do in '11 yet...

Speaking of bunions, I flicked back through to my first blog post of last year, looking for my goals. Turns out, I didn't post any (my first post for 2011 was actually a very somber one). Which is lucky, as it turns out. I found them written down elsewhere and I'm batting stuff-all as far as achievement goes.

While I hit a weight-loss target (*cough* three months late *cough*), I did not achieve too many of my writing targets. While this was in no small part due to my then-targeted publisher moving the goal posts, and me having a genre-related epiphany, I do cop to being a little slack. The last three months of the year were especially nuts.

I was thinking I would post my goals for this year, but given how badly I suck at them, I might just keep them to myself. Because, quite frankly, it's just embarrassing.

BUT, do not fret! GOALS HAVE BEEN SET!

One of them involves blogging regularly. I was thinking, maybe twice per week, using the handy-dandy write, set and forget function.

To that end, I am going to work my way through the alphabet, in order, and relate my post to something that begins with that letter. That should get me through to mid-year-ish. For example, a post (I am currently three weeks behind) might be titled something like 'A is for Apple'. Then I will proceed to wow you all with my vast and crunchy knowledge of apples.

Some weeks, the link between title and post may be very tenuous. But, a link there will be!

Speaking of amphibious, here is a picture of Anarchy I took on the beach today (we're on holidays, and I refuse to go back home until I can hear the school bell ringing for lesson one on the first day of term). He looks like a very short, cute frogman, and can traverse both land and sea.


  1. Hi Em --
    Hope you're having a fab holiday. I'm looking forward to hearing your 2012 goals and reading your alphabet blog...I know I'll get some good laughs (-: At your blog posts...not your goals!

  2. Anarchy looks like he's having fun. Good luck with your goals - whatever they may be.

    Looking forward to going through the alphabet with you - great idea btw.

  3. Hiya Anna,

    We're having a fantastic time, thank you. The kids are blissfully unaware that school starts next Monday, but I can feel the countdown creeping up. We're having some awesome weather to round out the month, so that's very cool. Let's hope I can find the off switch for holiday mode... :)

    Looking forward to reading about your goals as well, and you never know--mine might well be giggle-worthy!

    Thanks for stopping by! Em x

  4. Hi there Eleni.

    Anarchy thinks the wetsuit makes him a superhero. His swimming has improved out of sight. :)

    Thanks, I'm quite looking forward to running through the alphabet. It's a shame it's not 52 letters long, I could have made it last all year.

    Chat soon! Em x

  5. Ooh, and good luck with your goals, too, ladies! Xx



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