Monday, April 8, 2013

It was never gonna happen...

1)  Clean out the fridge (What IS that smell?).
2)  Sew the taupe pillow case back together (Don't ask).
3)  Force/cajole/bribe the offpspring into cleaning their bedrooms so I can find a bit of carpet in there to to vacuum.
4)  About a gazillion other things too mundane to actually mention (Bonus - condensing items four through four thousand of my to-do-list makes me feel much better).

Yes, this is the list of the things I DIDN'T do this weekend.  It's quite long, and now, about fourteen hours after the weekend has concluded, these items are, sadly, still not done.

I'm blaming RL Naquin, a lady whom I am sure is quite lovely, and whom I have also never met.

But I've MET HER BOOKS.  I am enamoured with them.  I read book one, then had to go straight out and epurchase books two.  I'm bereft as I have to wait until later in the year for book three.  I have been looking for lighter/humourous urban fantasy/paranormal and I SO FOUND THEM.

Monster in My Closet and Pooka in My Pantry from Carina Press involve Zoey, a fashion-challenged wedding planner who wakes one morning to find the closet monster she'd told her five-year-old herself didn't exist making muffins in her kitchen.  Throw in a VW, a Leprechaun Mafia, a smoking-hot paramedic reaper, and an incubus that, in my head, looks like badly-dressed Captain Jack Sparrow, and you've got yourself a weekend full of nuthin' but fun.

It's a rollocking ride of great humour, fabulous world-building and wonderful characters.

I have totally forgiven Ms Naquin (whose name is Rachel) for flattening my weekend.  How could I not?  I just hope I have that pillow case fixed by the time book three comes out.  Second thoughts, I'm cancelling that weekend in my diary right now.


  1. LOL, Em. These books do sound right up your alley.

    Hey, I also really enjoyed Jax Garren's Beauty and the Beast novellas from Carina should check them out too. After you clean the fridge...

  2. Lovely to see you here, Anna!

    Jax Garren, eh? I ran right over and grabbed the first one. Stay tuned...

    Meanwhile, fridge remains mysteriously odorous. ;)




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