Sunday, May 25, 2014

The NEWS!, which has been alluded to....

Such a TEASE!

I'm very (very, very) excited to tell you that I've recently sold a short story to Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly.


Assassin Clemency is on a mission to find the Herz des Mondes, a moonstone of great and mysterious power, which will help her get her life on track.  When she is out-thieved by the appealing mercenary L'Arc, is she beaten, or will they both reap the stone's rewards of the heart?

It's due for release on June 15th.

Speaking of releases, have you caught up with my awesomely awesome CP Anna Hackett's goings-on lately?  She's just put out some wicked novellas set in her WindKeepers world.

My favourite is Claiming the East Wind, Soren's story.  That said, his brothers are pretty darn appealing.
Oh, yum.  Get on it!

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