Friday, January 30, 2009

Quite happy with being flayed alive...

I got my ms back last night from Anna (Anna Hackett - new Author for Nocturne Bites - coming out soon...). Thanks Anna!

I thought it was pretty tight, and I was sending it to her to just polish a bit - check it would be okay for subbing to Bites.

Lordy me, it sucks!

Before anyone jumps up and says, "Keep at it, Tiger!", I agree wholeheartedly with Anna. There were repeated bits in there that I should have culled out aaaeeeges ago. Am a bit shirty at myself that I didn't find them and save her some work, but I have some difficulty getting distance from my work. It's happened before...

I am actually very happy with her wielding the whip. She put a while new light on my ms. I am jibbering with excitment as I start going through and making changes.

One of the things she said is that I use ! too much. What?! Really!

I talk like that, too!

I've said it before at eHarl, I love my CP's. They do fabulous work.

So, for Anna, Rach and Neo, kisses all round.

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