Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gatdangit! Just when I was on a roll...

I was soooo cruisin' today. I's made a little list of Jobs To Do (things like move Mohammed's Mountain of washing, and bake a cake), and I was flying through it. I could see hours and hours of time to spend on my revisions tonight. Then it happened.

Visitors. The Unannounced kind.

The floor was still in the JTD list - we don't bother with plates, kids can't seem to keep their food on them anyhow - and I hadn't brushed my hair in over 24 hours. Blurk.

And it was old rellies who are ALWAYS neat and tidy. Who never leave the house with the breakfast dishes undone, or the lounge room floor looking like an underware sale at Target....

I was mortified. Then I thought, well, bugger ya. Next time, call... If you want to see me neat, warn me beforehand. I might be able to oblige.

Four hours later, no time for revisions. Dang.

What do you do? E x

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