Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why is it that the skinny parts of me are not parts people can SEE?

Just got back from my laser surgery eye apppointment thingo watsit.

Apparently, I am good for the surgery (ie my eyes are no longer deteriorating sight-wise), but I have a corneal thickness under the recommended threshhold.

That's what I said. What the??

In essence, I have skinny corneas. Which means they can't do the easy-squeezy, walk-in walk-out, leave and do bungee jumping version of the surgery. I get to do the can't see for four days, can't drive for ages version.

I had a flashback to when I was in hospital, erm ..., during the process that caused my third child, who was in utero, to come out. I vaguely remember a conversation between the midwives that reached my ears in lala land.

"Yes, she's had trouble with the other two as well."
"Oh, I see... Small interior pelvis measurement."


If I had been able to relinquish my death hold on the birthing stool, I would have clobbered one of them. How come I was only just finding this out? With my third child! Who ended up getting stuck and there was shiny equipment rolled in to complete extraction. The child that weighed 9'13".... He looked like a raw meatball by the time he arrived. He's fine now. Really.

Egad, and all on our 8th Wedding Anniversary too.

So. I have some skinny bits. You just can't see them.

Writing front: Not much going on. Kids ill. I've been working. Had a gig to sing at a funeral, which caused my stress levels to hit the stratosphere.

Been to the doctor, boob lump, foot growth, weird facial rash. Got cream, mammogram, scalpeled. Not in that order.

Lit the fire for the first time this week, though. That was lubbly.

Anyhoo, am reading 'Twilight'. In front of the fire. It's calling me.

Next week, (I'm sooo excited) I might have my broadband on... Maybe.

I'll be reviewing the Nocturne Bites first ever collection novel "Midnight Cravings". I promised Michele Hauf. Cool.

Finally, I wanted to give a huge shout out to Anna Hackett, CP wonder woman, who has had her second novella picked up by Silhouette. Yay! Go girl! Her first, 'Savage Dragon', comes out in July....

See you. *Waving hand, which has skinny bones....* :P


  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! I hate going to the doctor because they always find odd things. Not anything to be concerned about, just odd. Or at least that’s what they keep tell me. I can’t wait to read your review of Midnight Cravings! I looked it up on Barnes and Nobel’s site and it looked really good.


  2. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and happy weekend! Skinny corneas - wow! That's interesting to know. I didn't know the cornea thickness mattered, but now I do. I want Lasik so bad, but I'm terrified I'd blink during the procedure and things would go awry. :*)

  3. Thanks for the shout out, E! And thanks again for being a super star and doing a rush reading of my manuscript the other week. No news yet.

    Hey, my husband has thin corneas as well! They excluded him from Lasik, much to his disappointment. I hope the lump isn't serious and your sick little one is doing better. Makes me appreciate the other week when my doctor told me I was boringly healthy, almost like I'd ruined his day.

    Hope you find some writing time soon.

  4. Dudes! So pleased to see you three here.

    Hi Neo/Chandra Ryan! Huge congrats again on your Lyrical Press pickup. Going on the TBR, especially as I read a draft of the synop. once... And I know odd... Review coming up for you...

    Cora - hi there. My not quite brother in law said it was nigh on impossible to blink - due to the fact they use a doodad like a vacuum cleaner nozzle to hold your eye open. Cool. But eww. I was worried about that too!

    Anna - superstarness completely my pleasure. So pleased I am not alone in the world of bizarro corneas. I'll have another surgeon appointment to see if I'm still up for the procedure or not... Lump is okay - keeping an eye on it for a few weeks, but looks most likely to be glandular. There's a family history...

    The H-Bomb (my son, the youngest, 18 months) is totally gross at the moment. He has a new word, too. Boogers. Noice.

    My husband is like you - nothing to report on the medical front. He went to the doc to get a sunspot checked out, and they said he was fine, and to go away. He murmured something about having to pay for nothing. The doctor offered to snap on the gloves for him and check his prostate. Funnily, no more complaints!

    My dentist is a bit like your doctor. Apparently, I have the best pregnant teeth (me pregnant, not the teeth) he's ever seen. Made my year!

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies...

  5. I've had one child and barely got her out. Forceps and vacuum was used on her. She was only 5 lbs. 10 oz. What would they have done if I'd had an average size baby? Like you, I was wondering why they waited so late to make a decision on a C-section. They'd taken all the measurements and had me in there so many times I'd lost count. By the way, they didn't do the C-section because she was stuck.

  6. Hi Jennifer.
    You know, I'm glad I didn't have a caesar - for reasons I haven't really delved into, I didn't want to go there - but it would have been nice to know, say, at the start of the pregnancy. My obstetrician, wearing his full-body white plastic, covered in ick, and panting from the exertion of labouring over my labour, said, "HOW much weight did you gain?"
    I was in fairyland (Great place!), so I didn;t answer, but it was about 20 kgs, as it has been with all my kids.
    My point is, if he'd said to me at the start, particularly after two others, you've a tendency to stack it on, fatty, and you've only got a little hole for them to come out, you should probably keep a eye on your weight. Not diet, but just be mindful of the baby's size. I didn't really think about the two being related. And I'm 5'10". I'm no weenie. I just thought I was big enough to deal with it.
    I was being prepped for theatre when they managed to pull the boy out. My husband was there, and he still gets white when he thinks about it...
    Great to see you here, hi to your daughter...



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