Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review - HER DARK LORD - Mel Teshco

Mel Teshco's HER DARK LORD is out this month for Silhouette Nocturne Bites.

Here's the blurb from the eHarlequin eBook site (buy it here!):

When dhampir Kia Montana takes a man home, she isn't looking for names or a relationship—she only wants someone who could satisfy her lust for both sex and blood. But Kia's new mission is to find Sean Maximillus, Lord Vampire and the lone being capable of curing Kia's mother. Kia thought she found the key to success with Ronan, a mysterious man who promises to take her to Maximillus...and who shares a carnal passion with Kia even bloodlust couldn't match.

But Ronan also seems to know too much about Kia...things she never told him. And as she is drawn deeper into Ronan's world, he reveals secrets that will change Kia's life forever...

This is Mel's first ever Bites - you might recall that I last read STONE-COLD LOVER that Mel released with Ellora's Cave. It was a great short read, and I looked forward to fellow-Aussie Mel's next offering with held breath.

One thing that does get my goat (this doesn't happen often, so look out!) is when I read reviews of short stories at places like goodreads, and the reviewer says something like, "I liked the storyline, but felt the relationship between the main characters should have been explored more."

Ah, no. In fifteen thousand words, you probably don't have time. You want drawn-out, read WAR AND PEACE.

I love Bites for precisely what they are - short action-packed, emotion fuelled reads that are like a ghost train ride - you begin, entering a completely different world, and a short time later you emerge out the other side into the sunlight, your heart pounding, your clothes slightly rumpled, but feeling much better for your visit to unreality.

HER DARK LORD delivers.

I was wondering how it would shape up after reading STONE-COLD LOVER, and Mel does beautifully.

Right from the first fresh-out-of-the-silk-sheet-encased-bed scene to the hero's final bombshell, it's a great read.

The heroine, struggling to reconcile herself with her dhampirism is nicely tormented and sexy, and the hero is ancient, wise and nummo. :)

And it's set in Australia. Really, what more could you want?

Nice one, Mel!


  1. Thanks so much elove!
    So glad you enjoyed it =)
    And wow - loved your description of the bites!!

  2. I DID enjoy it Mel! Thanks for writing it... :)

    Looking forward to more Teshco - I've heard that Ice Cold Lover is looking good these days?

    Em x

  3. LOL! Yes, Ice Cold Lover is done now, final edits all in - just now waiting on approval for a series name as there will be three gargoyle novellas (perhaps more).

  4. So COOL, Mel! Great to hear we'll be able see you again on our eshelves soon.

    And more gargoyles - uber cool! Given I thought number one was smokin' hot, I vote for lots more! :)

  5. LOL!! Thanks! Ice-Cold Lover is out May 26th and the series name is "Winged & Dangerous."
    I can't wait to write book 3 - but first my werewolf (hopefully bites) story =)

  6. Hi Mel,

    Winged & Dangerous - love it!

    Congrats on the impending release of ICL, will look for it at the end of May.

    Oh, and good luck with that werewolf Bites. New Bites are so exciting, I've got a siren one with Anna and Rach for CP'ing right now that I will ship to NY. Third time lucky, maybe? :)

    E x

  7. Good luck with that Em, I have my fingers crossed for you - and fantastic to have such great CP's to help you on your way too! =)



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