Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finish line in sight!

I've just typed THE END on TREASURED HUNTER this week - a WIP involving a kick-ass siren, a bitter treasure hunter and lots of sparkly things.


Now, because I tore quite a few thousand words out of this one (um, three times), there are still many, many jagged edges. I kept thinking of better storylines as I attempted to pants (that is, write without the aid of an outline - by the seat of your pants, as it t'were), and I kept having to go back and alter what had happened before. Oy.

I tried pantsing, I really did, but I suck at it. Then I get shitey at myself for having to go back and fix stuff.

Part-way through, I broke and did character studies, a mind-map, and a storyboard (after the third fix that affected the WHOLE story) and I've even done a fair bit of a synopsis. Woo, that's big...

I work better this way.

How about you? Plotter or pantser? Any advice? Any fun/heartrending/entirely forgettable experiences?

Which segues not-very-neatly into another thing - authors and said authors coming to SA!

SARA (South Australian Romance Authors), in conjunction with RWA is bringing Romancing the Novel Seminar to little ol' Adelaide - a 2010 Romance Roadshow Event!

There are some very cool guest speakers in Anna Campbell and Yvonne Lindsay, plus SARA members like Elizabeth Rolls and Trish Morey. And much more...

I'm there! It's on May 15th.

More at the SARA website - and thanks to Eleni for bringing it to my attention! Just what I was waiting for, I think!

Take care, Em x


  1. Good on you for finding what works for you. I'm more of an organic writer, so can't plot everything beforehand.

    and yay re the Romancing the Novel seminar. Can't wait to see you there. And thanks for the plug for it! ;)

  2. Yay for you Em!!! Can't wait to read Treasured Hunter :)

  3. Hi Eleni,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, isn't it interesting what works for different people - I like my ducks in row, but since the kids, I find that pretty hard to do. So, I probably want to keep things organised in the one part of my life they have no access to!

    My pleasure on the plug! It looks so fabulous - Chris Ostermann is the aunty of a friend of mine, so I'd love to meet her. And the line up looks great. Expect my rego soon - and track me down if I let it slip! (see reference to organisation above!)

    See you there! E x

  4. Hiya Rach,

    Thanks for coming over to cheer for me! My need to finish this WIP for myself is nearly second to my need to tidy it up and get it to you and Anna.

    I really want to know what you think of this one - really, I just want to know if anyone can see any improvement. I *think* I'm learning, but, you know, I'd love a second and third opinion... :)

    How's your stuff doing, dude? I am hoping to get my own hands on some work a la Rach very soon...

    Good luck, and thanks for your support! E x



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