Monday, June 21, 2010


Two posts in one day!  Turn it up!

I just had to let you know I've just hit send on my latest Nocturne Bites sub, DARK SIREN.

Just got the acknowledgement email, which didn't exist last time I subbed.  Very cool to know my MS is in NY!

Wish me luck!  E x


  1. congrats on sending that baby out Em!

    Love the new design, btw :)

  2. Many thanks, Ju! My output is so slow (I only manage three shorts a year, and this year looks like it might be slower than that!), I get a bit excited. :)

    Glad you like my design. It was great fun perusing the lovely thumbnails...

  3. Thanks to you, too Eleni! Hope you're well.

    Just about to see if I can't string a few words together before school pick-up. My 6k SARA goal is looking shaky!

    E x

  4. Good luck! Hope they love it.

    (and apologies for coming in late)

  5. It's never too late Cathryn!

    Many thanks for the good wishes. E x



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