Friday, February 18, 2011

DarkSide DownUnder, What We Are Reading. Pick the chatty one...

Today, at DSDU, Fiona Gregory, Paula Roe, Jess Anastasi and myself are talking about What We Are Reading. And in my case, how I felt about it, the plot, the author, the series and what I ate for lunch Monday week ago.


  1. Yes, I wonder who the chatty one could be *gazes side to side and back again* Hmmm.....

  2. Hehe, Eleni. I should come with warning labels and complimentary ear plugs. :)

  3. LOL!!! No, no, you gave a great review so no need for the ear plugs. Maybe just the warning label ?:))) Kidding.

  4. Teehee - I'll get some T-shirts made up... I'm sure hubby will put an order in for a few... :)



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