Friday, August 26, 2011

My Offspring, Part 1 (which is actually instalment 2)

Please allow me to introduce our second child, Love (6).  Not her real name of course, but since she refuses to use her real name, it's moot.  

Love is all about..the love.  She is fairies and drawing, independence and relationships.  She was a sick baby, so now she has a pain threshold of fifteen out of ten.  This means there will often be blood that she hasn't noticed, running down her forehead, or her arm.

You will most often find her chasing one of the cats to put it in a receptacle of some kind to cart around, or riding her bike, singing lewd Rihanna songs she has no idea about the meaning of.

She is cute, but feisty.

And every night, at bed time--without fail--she'll tell Sparky and me that she loves us.

L's & G's--I give you, Love.


  1. These posts are great, and so sweet. :)

  2. Hey Crystal,

    Thanks for stopping by and saying such lovely things. You're welcome ANYTIME! :)

    Cheers, E.



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