Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Offspring, part deux. She who was actually first.

Last week, you met Love.  Was it last week?  I have no idea.  We all got some kind of indestructible virus and got sucked into a wonky time/space continuum.  Heck, it could have been in 1986.

This week, you get to meet Faith.  She is our eldest offspring, who is in the last embers of her eighth year.  I have always thought she was lucky, because her birthdate is three numbers repeated.  

Faith is a glass half full and heading towards overflowing.  She is always Up, and dragging everybody, no matter how grumpy we are, into Up with her.  

She is the one who is always trying to make you smile.  Most often, she succeeds.  Especially when she dances like MC Hammer.

She is netball and razor scooters, popcorn and Total Drama Action, iPods and pop music.  

She is Sparky's girl.  

One of her favourite things to say is that she got Mum's face and personality and Dad's sporting ability.  She is extremely lucky it wasn't the other way around, because I am the physical activity antichrist and she'd look funny with facial hair.  

Here she is, quite a few years ago, peeking out from under Sparky's arm.  Yes, they are on a kayak.  They do things like that.  It's when they're doing it together that she's happiest.  

She is our lovely big girl.  

There is one more child, saved for next week.  

In the meantime, here's something to keep you laughing until then.  In a former life I taught German in schools, so I love this one:


  1. Sounds like a character. Hammertime. LOL! And Hammerziet, double LOL!

  2. She totally is, Eleni! All three kids are. By the time they're of age, I'll be able to run a family theatre company... :)

    Thanks for popping in. E x



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