Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Little Gem! In which I read a perfectly lovely email and burst into tears...

I've always had very plausible reasons for not entering writing contests.  Excellent ones, in fact.  No time, my writing sucks a$$, kids are sick, I can't find my computer for all the paperwork on the desk, there's a hippo in my fridge I need to get rid of, etc.  I'm sure you know the drill.

So, I surprised myself by promising my fellow SARAs in November that I'd enter the RWA Little Gems Contest this year.

I surprised myself further by actually doing it.  At the very last chime of midnight (my entry was number 67 of 69).  Not having particularly high expectations, I didn't give it much thought thereafter.

Hence, when the very lovely Lis Hoorweg emailed to say that I'd finalled, the shock was so great, the waterworks kicked in.  Then I did the obligatory eight-or-nine-times read through of the email to check that they had the right person.

I still can't find a loophole *pinch, pinch*.


Here's the RWA blog post announcing the winners.

Seriously.  I'm very, very excited--so much, I cried!--to be among the finalists.  Congrats to them all, particularly Jean and Patsy.

Huge thanks to Lis for her coordination of the Little Gems Contests and to the judges for volunteering their time.   Thanks also to my ever-patient critique partners, Anna Hackett and Rach.  xx

Here is Sheridan Kent's wining cover design (Sheridan also designed the very lovely cover from 2011):



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