Monday, September 2, 2013

They're here! And I'm too scared to open the cover...

I love, LOVE getting stuff in the mail.  Which could explain my eBay problem.  

That aside, I think I've found something WAAAAYYY better than eBay.  

The book that your story is in arriving in your letterbox!

If sharp, shiny, satisfying romantic reads are your thing (or if you love sapphires), you can order your copy here.

At this point, I'm putting off reading it.  Not sure why.  Maybe I still don't quite believe my story came second.  I'll open it, and EverTrue won't be in there.  My sensible self knows it is, but there is a part of me still pinching my forearm.

Big congrats to everyone who has their story in the anthology, especially my SARA sisters, Harriet and Ute.  ;)

*smiley face*


  1. Yay congratulations, Emmeline! And to all the LG crew.

    I got my copy at the conference. :)

  2. Of course it's there! Congratulations!

  3. Awesome,Emmeline! Congratulations, you're a star. So proud of you.xx

  4. Thank you, everyone! Lovely to see you all here. One of my favourite things about writing is the people you meet out in the writing wilderness!

  5. Well done you! Much deserved :) Such a witty writer



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