Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think there is something wrong with me...

It's like one of those movie openings where the heroine wakes up in a strange house, wearing old lady's clothes and not remembering anything of the last week. Obviously, she's had some kind of accident.

I have no such excuse.

My amnesia is more commonly called wireless broadband internet. (Also called Distraction 1).

After much confrontation (with Hubba Hubby, who does not use the computer and thought the dial-up was just bonza), the shop I got the hardware from, and the company I got the ADSL through, I am online. Permanently. My excitement knows no bounds.

Unfortunately, this took a week, and I am not ashamed to say, a little bit of blubbering to the poor people at the helpdesk.

Distraction 2: I have the iPhone. I have broadband. What do you get? A phone full of shite-loads of crap you may or may not ever use. And I can get it ALL over the house. Inside, outside, EVERYWHERE. OMG. You would not believe the insane things that pop into my head that I absolutely must google. Now.

Although, I'm already planning a story on the new mindmapping tool I got (as a teacher, I love to mind map!). I have goal setting apps, to do list apps, exercise counters, expense trackers, meal diaries, planetary movement trackers, weather, games, sticky notes and a little thing that is meant for bed time reading, where you put your child's name in the story and you can read it to them. The story is horrific. Not scary horrific. Just plain bad.

So, I lost a number of days again.

Anna Hackett spoke about goals in her blog last week. Then she asked me how my writing was going. Umm. Ergh. On reflection it became VERY obvious to me that I need to set some goals. Or hire someone to stand here and kick me in the arse every hour or two. I give new meaning to the word procrastinate. It ain't good.

So, I will do some new goals. As soon as I work out how to operate the goal setting app on the phone :O

Next time, I'm gonna review a hot, hot, HOT Larissa Ione book you've GOT to get your hands on...

E x

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