Monday, May 25, 2009

Where the bloody hell are you?

That was not me - that was from one of the 'Come to Australia' TV ads that aired in Britain, I think. Starring cricket's future first lady, model Lara Bingle. Caused a bit of a furore, as not everyone speaks like that, but if you've come here off the title - hey, it worked!

Now, where are you? If you haunt the eHarl boards, this one's for you.

At eHarlequin currently, they're giving you the chance to put yourself on the map - literally. Check it out and see who's where.

But remember, you need to log in with a google account to get the chance to edit...

Zoom in to put your flag down - some people are popping themselves in national parks, or worse, the Atlantic Ocean!

It's fun...

And this is all brought to you via my new WIRELESS INTERNET!

Yay, me.

E x


  1. Yay!!! So glad you're wireless. Isn't it fantastic?

  2. Chandra! Hi! I KNOW. So much fun! How's your stuff going? X



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