Friday, June 19, 2009

Harlequin/Silhouette (Intrigue) Nocturne on Australian Shelves...

Got a bit excited. After I got bummed - because I have heard on the eHarlequin Forums that LUNA won't be available in Australia in print any more. I looked LUNA up at and got this. As all good Aussies would say - Spewin'.

The excitement bit started when it also came to light that Harlequin is, however, bringing Nocturne to us! Yay! So, that did lessen the gut-wrenching disappointment. And hey, Nocturnes are cheaper. Double yay! AND it's what I'm writing. Triple YAY! Okay, time to sit down...

This might not be a new thing. But there are only a few titles available at eHarlequin Australia.

So, I went and bought one. I saw 'Hauf '- and I bought it. Familiar Stranger. The first LUNA I ever bought was Seraphim (loved that one!), so Michele Hauf, in the immortal words of Harry Connick Jnr, "It had to be yoooouuuu!"

Now, I am seriously in love with the Nocturne covers that one gets on one's eBooks when one downloads them. Both the Nocturnes and the Nocturne Bites are very pretty. Check this one for Familiar Stranger:
BUT, because Nocturnes are being brought out under the Intrigue banner in OZ, you get this:

What do you think? Not so pretty, eh? Smacks loudly of Intrigue. Well, duh, it says so, right up there...

But, speaking of pretty - check the UK version:

Ain't that lubbly? Still says 'Intrigue' but it's not so hard-line. You'll notice, too that the Oz one has the Harlequin Mills & Boon logo on it. I wonder if this is useful or not. Maybe to a newbie Nocturne reader, someone picking one up for the first time, but not if you're used to the other covers. I wonder what the covers look like elsewhere? EDIT: These are called "Super Nocturnes" in the UK. Stumbled across that nugget at the Nocturne thread...

Hey, and sorry about the dwindling sizes. I could fix it, but, meh...

I miss my curliques.

Just sayin'.

Yesterday, I won an a.c.Mason eBook - Aequitas I - Betrayal. I love winning books! I promised Mason I'd review it soon. I think that's a very fair trade. The cover is eyecatching - it's from Lyrical Press.

Another first for me week - I got plugged at a blog! I know, very cool!

And what made it cooler was that it was Anna Hackett, whose first Bite is coming out very soon. I haven't read this one, but I've read other pieces of Anna's and she is very, very good. A great story teller. So check out her blog, and her webbie. Then when you're done at her blog, you can click the link to me, and come back here! Do it all day long! ;)

I baked all day yesterday. I like to bake, but I was on a deadline which makes it way less fun. We had Devonshire Tea at a Kindy meeting (it was my idea *slaps forehead*) so I made 40 scones, then I had the greater part of my eldest child's class and their respective parents over TO MY HOUSE for 40 more scones, 60 mini pizzas and those fabulous things: Honey Joys. I love to recipe swap, so let me know if you'd like me to post these...

If you ever see me up the street with a rolling pin, take it away from me and crack me over the head with it. E: Never, ever, EVER bake 80 scones in one day again....

Thanks for dropping in. Have a fan-fairy-tastic week...

Scone, anyone?


  1. Cool post, E. Came over to check out your blog 'cause I saw you plugged over at another awesome blog (-:

    Funny how they tweak the covers for different countries.

    By the way, I love what you've done with your blog. Liked it before, but this seems to suit you more!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Hey - you're up early!

    Thanks for commenting. *Feel the love*

    You know, I think they must 'tweak' the books too. Michele Hauf asked at eHarl how we can read such skinny HQ's with such thin pages (she'd recently been sent an Aussie copy of one of hers)...

    It's fine because that's what we're used to! But it is interesting. She's got "Kiss Me Deadly" coming out here in July via Intrigue - I'm to mail it over for another comparison...

    Re: page. I'm torn! I wanted to design a banner (I like to fiddle, but it was a bit craptacular ;)), but didn't like it once I had it all together. This one is stop-gap. But it does appeal... Sigh. Dunno.

    Good luck with your 50k!

    E x



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