Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Presale@HQ - Anna Hackett's debut "Savage Dragon" - Silhouette Nocturne Bites

Excitement factor is hitting warp-speed here at the laptop.

Anna Hackett's Bites - 'Savage Dragon' is out on pre-sale.

I've read some of Anna's work - and it rocks.
She writes fabulous, solid stories in excellent worlds, with sexy, strong heroines and dead-yummy heroes to die for.

But I haven't read 'Savage Dragon' and I really want to. I've bought it pre-sale at the eHarlequin eBook store because I want to get it as soon as I can... Then I'll go buy it at eReader for the iphone. Chill, E. Only a few more sleeps... :)

Here's a taster...

They call him the Savage Dragon: Rordan Sarkany, knight of the Order of the Dragon, charged with tracking and destroying those who let their dragon blood turn them into beasts. In the wilds of Hungary, Rordan hunts one such creature—along with fellow warrior Kira Bethlen.
Both Rordan and his inner dragon desire Kira...and she can't resist Rordan's dangerous allure. But even if she succumbs to their attraction, can she ever forgive him for slaying her beloved brother?

Buy it here. Check Anna's webbie, or her blog. The blog is great - sometimes you see elove there!
Keep an eye out for Anna's 'WindKeeper' series - coming in September...


  1. Thanks for blogging about Savage Dragon, E! Did I mention what great taste you have?

    By the way, I'll be having a contest at my blog in July, for anyone interested in winning a $50 Amazon gift card, to celebrate the release of Savage Dragon.

    Thanks again, E. You're a champion.

  2. I KNOW I have great taste, Anna! But I certainly wouldn't plug your stuff if I didn't think your stuff was awesome. I know you work hard - you're a prime example of work getting you where you want to be. :)

    Ohhh - contest. I'm in! Emily x



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