Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Review - PLEASURE UNBOUND Demonica, Book 1 - Larissa Ione (Hachette Forever 2008) Read and then go buy SAVAGE DRAGON. Thanks.

Larissa Ione can come sit at my place on my *I Love* shelf beside my effigies of Michele Hauf, Christine Feehan, and my shiny new one of Anna Hackett. :)

I love her stuff.

The Demonica Series is a Very Big Thing.

Check some of the comments I've found...

“Very dark, very sexy, and very creative. Ione’s Demonica series will have the most jaded paranormal fans perking up!” –Emma Holly, USA Today bestselling author of DEMON’S FIRE
“What a ride! Dark, sexy and very intriguing, this book gripped me from start to finish. I can’t wait to read the next in the series!” –Nalini Singh, NYT bestselling author of MINE TO POSSESS
“A heroine with attitude and a hot-blooded demon make for a dangerously erotic, wonderfully satisfying read. Ione knows how to make your blood boil and your heart race as you devour each and every page.” —Cheyenne McCray, New York Times bestselling author of DARK MAGIC

Yep, I reckon so, too... Not too shabby, eh?

I was thinking about what makes a memorable, appealing hero in paranormal stories. One of the unpubbed pieces I judged recently had a yummy hero - but he was just too, ah..., nice.

I like bad boys, but I do like them to have some kind of conscience. Enter Eidolon, hero of PLEASURE UNBOUND. He's bad (check - he's a scorching hot Seminus demon, ), he's responsible (check - he runs Underworld General, demon hospital), but he's okay to break the rules (check - falling in love with the woman who wants to kill him and all of his demonic buddies).

Check this, from FB:

Emily just took the "Which Demonica Brother Is Yours?" quiz and the result is Eidolon.
Eidolon is logical, loyal, and highly intelligent. He's extremely patient, with a dry sense of humor and a cool, calm manner that is hard to ruffle. Once he's ruffled, however, he's lethal, with few regrets once he takes action. As a doctor, his work ethic borders on obsessive, and if he were an RPG character, he'd be Lawful Neutral. He loves rules, but is willing to bend them for those he loves. Once he has given his loyalty, it is for life. Don't cross him.

Eidolon's mine? Deal.

But I will share with Tayla Mancuso, Aegis demon-slayer. Mainly because she could kick my spongy a$$ from here to the outer reaches of space. Another excellent, strong Ione heroine.

I've said it before, but I'm gonna say it again... Ione's world building is just fantastic. Her characters are complex, sexy and confronting and her storytelling is mesmerising.

There's a very titillating (always wanted to use that word...) hospital bed scene. You'll know it when you get to it :)

My writing buddy, Anna Hackett (whom one must mention because her Nocturne Silhouette Bites SAVAGE DRAGON is out in a matter of hours! Yippeedoo!), read this book, after hearing us talk about it at Embrace the Shadows (a great blog/yahoo group for PR readers/authors), and then promptly had to go and get the next two on her Kindle and read those. Put her 50K in 30 days in some jeopardy! But of course, because she has a will of steel, she will do it. :)

I'm yet to read Book 3, PASSION UNLEASHED, Wraith's story. He's an interesting character. More bad than good. I am dying to read it. Might follow Anna's example and get it eBook... This is how much I can't wait.

So here's the blurb for PLEASURE UNBOUND Demonica Series Book 1, by Larissa Ione:
Someone is killing demons–someone other than the Aegis demon slayers, anyway. Now Eidolon, a doctor at Underworld General as well as a demon whose instincts to mate are growing stronger, must pair up with a sexy Aegis Guardian named Tayla Mancuso to learn the truth behind the killings. But Tayla has her own agenda. Her assignment is to find a way to destroy Underworld General. When she falls for Eidolon, who has shown her erotic pleasures she’d never dreamed of, she must face the horrors of her past and choose between becoming one of the very creatures she’s hunted–or death.

Finished reading? Great. Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed. Now, hit the link up there and go get yourself some Anna Hackett...

PS - Went to the post office today and found a package of books that the gorgeous Michele Hauf had sent me. We did a trade - one Aussie KISS ME DEADLY for one of her choice. And she sent me three of her US releases. Three. All signed and cool stuff like that! *Bliss*. I <3 Michele Hauf. Will review after Anna's. And acMason's. Phew.


  1. I really like the sounds of the Demonica Series... is it available in AU? I've never seen it about before.

    Also... envy for your package of Michele Hauf books! She's one of my favourite Nocturne authors.

  2. Hey Nellie - thanks for dropping in. Gives me a buzz when my eHQN buddies come around!

    You know, I think that the first two Ione's must be available here - I got this one at my local library... Although I tried to search at Borders and found nuzink. I could just be bad at searching, but!

    Sometimes, if I ask my library ladies nicely, they'll ask other libraries for stuff (an interlibrary loan...). You could try that.

    I KNOW about Michele. She has been the recipient of my girly author crush for YEARS. Since SERAPHIM came out here for LUNA. She's the goods. She's often at the Nocturne tread at eHQN...

    See you on the boards!

  3. I LOVE the Demonica series. I read the three books in three days!

    Emily - I think I'd be an Eidolon girl too. Yummy.

    Did I mention I love the Demonica series?

  4. It's like the Demonica Appreciation Society, right here at my little 'ole blog...




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