Saturday, November 7, 2009

Testing, testing...

I'm trying a new iPhone app that I can blog from. I enjoy blogging, but can't always afford the half hour to sit down and write it.

I'm being a good girl, and aside from two nights ago when Anna caught me relieving late-night brain wanderings with Twitter, I've been pretty controlled in the "wasting time online" department. :)

Now I can sit in the car while I'm waiting for Eldest to finish school and blog, or at the doctors. It's quite cool...

I've promised some reviews, haven't I? I haven't forgotten. We've (Rach and I) just been critiquing a fabulous ms for our Anna Hackett. It's a full, and it's excellent. Coming to a store near you, absolutely!

Rach is another one who is going places, she's published in non-fiction articles, but her fiction is truly beautiful to read. My CP girls are awesomesauce.

Hopefully, the same can be said for me... :)

Oh, Anna had an excellent post on her blog, Midnight Confessions, about how she revises her work. You should check it out and say hello...

Huh. Still working out how to insert links... And tags. But the rest is okay, nein?

Speaking of dependencies (which we weren't but, oh look, we are now...), my phone just refused to turn on yesterday. It was a horrible feeling, although I felt slightly embarassed about the "cannot function with the iPhone" thing. I managed to hold off until lunchtime, but then I ran as fast as I could to the phone shop to have my life re-started. iPhone, as Eleni Konstantine would say, = Spawn of Evil.

We're on the cusp of what is expected to be our first-ever (since records started) November heatwave here in Adelaide (That is, six consecutive days where the temp is 35degc or above. Or something like that). Yay, not. Thank God the pez have the pool up and running, because it's pretty damned early for a heatwave!

Given some nice rains we had in August and October, it also looks like our farmers (my PIL), will have their second-largest crop haul in history. Good news for them!

I apologise that I have to get this out of my system, but it also looks like being a bumper season for snakes (There have been two at Eldest's school - one in the library. Read, read, read, ouch!). My dad killed one in his strawberry patch, not far from the school. Yet to see any here on our Farmette. Hopefully we won't top our current five-in-one-season record.

Wonderfully, all of our snakes here are highly venomous, so they do not make good friends. We have the red bellied black, the brown, and a tiger snake or two here. *shudder* {EDIT: Oh, Joy. One I missed.}

{EDIT: as I put in the link post-postuously it is warming my heart to read that, "The brown snake is considered Dangerous [Dangerous with a capital D!] to man. Bites from this species of snake have caused death within minutes, rather than hours or days, with even a juvenile (new born) potentially delivering enough venom in a single bite - to kill 20 adults. Today, brown snakes are responsible for most of the fatalities from snakebite - per year." Smashing. Four of the five we had on the farm (one in my ENSUITE. I don't care if it was a baby!), were these delightful creatures.}

I hatez snakes. Well, they're fine, just don't come near me or mine... In fact, the first two lay eggs, I know, which is kinda cute...

Have a great weekend! Mine's great thus far, just posted in bed!

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  1. Urgh snakes *shiver* That's probably why I don't live in the hills.

    And what a long blog post from your iPhone app. Yes the Spawn of Evil indeed - though I lurrrrvvv it. I just find that you can do so much on the iPhone that it can suck time away from you just like that, and doing things like checking Twitter when you can't sleep - hand up (hence Spawn of Evil)! :))

  2. Hey Eleni - thanks for stopping by...

    Yep, snakes, urgh. Day 2 of heatwave and still none sighted. Yippeedoo.

    Hopefully there won't be any in the community library when we see each other next week at the Diana Gabaldon Author Talk. I'm buzzed!

    Yep, I've done that, checked twitter and my Google reader in the wee smalls. Though, I LOVE it for ereading. I've bought so many books, and I haven't a clue how many because there's no pile! Fictionwise and Stanza are the bomb.

    I've had my phone since February and I waste time less these days - ot that the novelty has worn off, no way! There are just way too manhy cool apps for that!

    Had you heard about turning your Spawn of Evil off every 2-3 days and giving it a snooze for about a minute? No-one told me that, which is why mine crashed. I fiddled with both buttons individually for ages. Turns out you hold them both down simultaneously to reset it. It worked fine after that. I felt a bit of a tool bothering the clever Telstra lady.

    But now I know!

    See you in a few days! E x

  3. Do I get points for such a huge blog comment? On my own blog? :)

    Eleni, I just came back to say thank you for all the prizes that came out of Eleni-fest! October was a great month for Australian Writers...

  4. Yep, you get points! LOL.

    I'm ignoring you mentioned snakes and Mt Barker library - do you want me to have a panic attack? ;))

    Spawn of Evil is on sleep most of the time with me. I've only turned it off about half a dozen times.

    And thanks re Eleni-fest - glad you enjoyed it and glad you got some prizes.

  5. Oy. Snake count at school: 5.

    Count 'em! FIVE.

    Am too mortified to blog properly...



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