Sunday, November 1, 2009

A new era...

of waiting. I've just subbed a new novella to Nocturne Bites. Called, at this stage, FIRESTARTER, after an R for EVIL'S INTENDED arrived in my email box in September.

Many, many thanks and big sloppy kisses to Anna and Rach for looking it over for me. It's sooo much better for it!

Speaking of those gorgeous girls, we've just been reading over a new full for Anna. Keep an eye out for it, peeps. it ROCKS!

Now, it's off to re-hash EI for submission, to Samhain, I think...

I also need to get DDB finished by the end of November - I promised my girls - and if they give me stuff and I don't have anything to give, I'll feel BAD!

Gotta go, back soon... E x

1 comment:

  1. Good luck, Emily with Firestarter and with revamping EI.

    Thanks for your help with my full too!!

    And yes, you have to get DDB finished. A promise is a promise. I just remembered I promised something for Christmas...I'd better get to work!!



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