Friday, October 21, 2011

I thought I'd made it when Peter Combe followed me on Twitter..

Beauty and Lace, a very awesome online women's magazine, has Q&A'd me.  I got to answers questions about me, what I was writing, me, my journey as a writer, me, SARA, me, DSDU, me, competitions, me, and eBooks.  And me.  Great stuff.  I enjoyed it greatly.

Check it out at Beauty and Lace, feel free to come and say hello, or read about my stance on eBooks, or heckle me in a loving way.  :)

Or, you might just like to read the verbal exchange Sparky and I have every time I've been out shopping.

Also, I have promised you this:



  1. Thanks for talking to us! And thanks for bringin your friends in for a look. While you're there check out the site and come follow us!

    Beauty and Lace

  2. Yay! Hi Mic!

    Totally! I've been following you guys on facebook and twitter, and you're a font of entertainment.

    I've even got a couple of books on my TBR now, thanks to your awesome reviews.

    It's been a pleasure, Mic! E x

  3. Fantastic Emmeline. Great interview. :))

  4. Hiya Eleni,
    Thank you, lovey! Your support is marvellous! E x

  5. Great, Em! I'd check it out right away :)

  6. Hi Ju,

    Fabulous to see you here! Thanks, Em. :)



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