Tuesday, March 27, 2012

N is for Nothing, or at least Not much.

Guess what I've got for you this week?



It was my birthday at the weekend (I can usually be found shouting that from the rooftops a few weeks prior.  Not sure what happened this year.  Life, I suppose), so I've spent a good part of the week in a flurry of wrapping paper, cheese knives, wine corks and kisses.

It's been marvellous.

There were a number of highlights--Sparky, who may have noted my technology obsession--got me some new gadgetry to play with.  Love it.

Also, I lunched nearby at The Lane, which is a completely gorgeous thing.  Stunning food, beautiful scenery, luscious wines, great company.  I was in heaven.

Here's a teaser pic of my favourite red wine, Reunion Shiraz, off The Lane's website:

Nom nom.  I was lucky enough to try the '09 on Friday.  It was different, but no less lovely.

Since I have nothing for you, how's about I talk about people who have actually done something?

One of my super-fab CP's, Anna, has blogged about Archimedes.

Eleni, one of my SARA buddies, has a very active and dynamic blog at Eleni's Taverna.

If you're still hungry for news, check out the latest SARA News blog.  Compiled by none other than moi.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Em!! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Yum, Shiraz sounds nice.

  2. Thanks Anna, had a great day. It was a lovely shiraz. One day, I'll share a bottle with you! xx



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