Saturday, May 19, 2012

S is for Smashing News!

Hunter's Surrender

I wanted to give a huge HOOOOORAAAY! for Anna Hackett, one of my gorgeous critique partners, who has recently sold her very first sci-fi novella to Carina Press!  It will be a part of their December sci-fi anthology.

I am SO very excited for her!  And you should be excited, too, because the novella is SMASHING!  This one includes a drool-worthy hero who isn't afraid to say he was wrong, and a strong, kick-ass heroine who goes after what she wants.  Yum!

You might remember Anna, author of excellent novellas for Nocturne Bites, such as SAVAGE DRAGON, ONE NIGHT WITH THE WOLF, and my favourite (well, until I read this sci-fi one) HUNTER'S SURRENDER.

Speaking of smashing, go check out the DarkSide DownUnder blog, where Nicole Murphy's been talking about the difference between sci-fi and fantasy.  If you're lucky, you could score yourself a copy of THE RIGHT CONNECTION, Nicole's  new books.  Yes, Star Wars is mentioned!

Ooh, oooh!  While you're snagging freebies, head over to Amazon and check if Mel Teshco's STONE COLD LOVER is still available for diddly squat.  It's another great read!

Finally, a funny to get you through the weekend.  Either that, or make you very depressed.

PS - Totally not letting the offspring see this.  They'd love to call me Mop.


  1. Hi Em --
    Thanks for the shout out. And thanks for your help polishing up that novella (and the drool!) Couldn't do it without you.

  2. You're welcome, Anna. And the drool is totally your fault! ;) xx



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