Thursday, July 12, 2012

Y is for Yippeedoo.

It's July.  Which means that the RWA's 50Kin20days is over.

I didn't quite make goal (which was 20k), but I got close, and finished the wip, so I didn't suck as much as I suspected I would, which is always a nice suprise.  Yippeedoo!

That said, the wip is one HUUUGE, hot, stinky, convoluted MESS.  There is a long road ahead, re-write-wise.  The whole thing has just made me cranky enough that I want to beat it up a little just to make myself feel better, so that's good.

On the CP front, Anna and Rach have both been busy writing.  In fact, Anna's got some new releases coming up very shortly, which are awesome and exciting.  Stay tuned!

While you're headed over to Anna's website, hit DSDU's Good News as well.  They're busy little bats over there...

It's school holidays here, and we've been away at the beach, doing a great deal of not very much.  I've been reading, fiddling with my plot on the wip, and taking photos.

Here's my favourite.  I have called it, "Give us the fish, and nobody gets hurt.  Capiche?"

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