Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More cover loving...

You know my CP, Anna, right?  

Well, she has been INSANELY BUSY.  Not only has she just released the very cool TIME THIEF, but she's got a new cover!  

This one is coming out December 3rd, from Carina Press, and will also be a part of their sci-fi anthology, A Galactic Holiday.

Oh, the PRETTY!

E xx


  1. LOL - love you label of 'love to pimp'. Looking forward to seeing this books hit cyberspace.

  2. Hehe. It's all true, Eleni! I do love a good pimp. ;)

    This novella is awesome. Anna's sci-fi stuff is fabulous. The hero...mmmmMMM!

    Thanks for dropping in, E xx



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