Monday, July 1, 2013

Still alive...

Though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, here at Casa Lock, things are just fine.

If a little busy.

While I would like it to be the, "I've written a book, and it's fabulous dahlink" kind of busy, it's not.  It's more the, "Jeebus, it's Monday already?!  Right!  Fess up!  Who stole my weekend?" kind of busy.

The madly-spinning carousel of life.  The one we all get stuck on from time to time.  I appear to have my ass superglued to it, but I am determined to find some kind of solvent and douse the seat of my pants very soon.

Not everyone is busy and therefore non-productive.  Case in point--my lovely CP, Anna Hackett.  She's being a complete and utter darling and giving us a new book.  This one is exciting because it's actually a story about a guy in her Anomaly Trilogy.


Yes!  Leven gets his own SALVATION!

Can't wait!

All right, I have to go and be horribly, awfully domestic.  Please check out the new SARA Blog.  I've been hanging out there a bit these days, they have wine in bottles, and glasses with stems.


Until next time,

Em.  xx

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